I am 21 years old originating from Brooklyn, New York. I am both a graduate and current student at Binghamton University. I am forever grateful for the support I received from the Nikki Scott Scholarship for four years. I am excited to share the story of my college experience.

I graduated from the Academy for Young Writers, a small school in Brooklyn with a graduating class of 68 students. I was accepted into Binghamton University’s Fall 2016 class gaining acceptance into my dream school. I also received news that I was the recipient of the Nikki Scott Scholarship that year and was excited at the prospect of the additional support. When I entered the campus, I was really overwhelmed with the size of the school. Whilst Binghamton is itself a small-medium-sized institution, there are approximately 17,000 students! Compared to a high school size of 600 students, I was greatly unprepared to give up the feeling of a smaller school and concerned about my ability to form interpersonal and impactful relationships. However, my experience was more engaging than I ever imagined. My involvement over each year grew greatly, exponentially expanding my leadership and extending my skills in ways I had never imagined.

As an undergraduate student, I majored in Political Science and Geography: Urban Planning. I am now completing a Master of Business Administration degree. My time with the University’s Student Association gave me an opportunity to manage a budget of almost $400,000, coordinate the activities of an entire programming board and have an impact on events here at the University. My time in the ASL Club allowed me to have a more educational experience, learning a language I had started to enjoy with my sister in high school and have the opportunity to delve more deeply into the beautiful language and lives of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. These and so many experiences did more for me than my time in the classroom, they gave me creative license, passion, and an incredible set of skills I will use for the rest of my life.

I think back to when I first started here at Binghamton–not knowing that the only limit to my potential was my imagination. I am incredibly grateful for the support of my friends, family, the Nikki Scott Scholarship Committee and so many others for giving me this opportunity. I would not be the person I am today without this experience and I am forever grateful for allowing myself to delve into my fear and experience this life-changing opportunity.